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South Red River Valley Division

The South Red River Valley Division - Red River for short, is the NMRA Division for most of North Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota.

The NMRA Achievement Program is a principal activity of the Division.

We have developed considerable skill and depth at evaluating models for NMRA Merit Awards.  We will provide evaluators for NMRA AP for any member withing reasonable distance of Fargo ND.

We have the capability to evaluate locomotives, cars, structures, track for Civil AP, and modules for prototype AP.  We can also evaluate projects for the Electrical AP.  If you can come to us, we can evaluate anything for Merit Award - and we're really good at it!

Currently we plan to be at the Spud Valley Model Train show on October 16, 2022

Contact Information:

Superintendent: MK Lentz, youtbue: elite194

Phone - (701) 298-8408

Division Headquarters - (701) 298-8408

send us a message at

mkl at

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