South Red River Valley Division

The South Red River Valley Division - Red River for short, is the NMRA Division for most of North Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota.  The Division is approximately 25 members and meets monthly.

Thousand Lakes Region Annual Convention is on for May 20-23, 2021 in Bismarck ND!!

The NMRA Achievement Program is a principal activity of the Division.  More than ⅓ of the members have completed at least 1 part of the Golden Spike Award and several members have 1 or more Master's Certificates completed.

Division members have provided Christmas Trains for group parties annually. If you're looking for a Christmas train for your event, give us a call and we'll see how we can help.

In 2017 the Division established an N-Scale T-Trak modular group.  A double mainline in the shape of a rectangle is currently operational.  At the 2019 Joint Convention in Lacrosse WI, the Division ask for and received a grant to construct an addition to the T-Trak Skeleton for the purpose of conducting operating sessions.  This work commenced on June 1, 2019.  The operational section of the T-Trak was on display at the Spud Valley Train show in October 2019.  In October 2020 the expanded and larger operating T-Trak layout was at the Spud Valley Train Show - and it worked flawlessly!

There are two other railroad clubs, besides the SRRVD and the T-Trak group - The Spud Valley Model Railroad club and the Red River Modular Club.

Spud Valley has a club size operating layout located at Bonanzaville in West Fargo, ND.  This club operates and conducts maintenance twice a week during the fall and winter.  During the spring and summer the layout is involved in numerous events that take place at Bonanzaville.  Next door to the model railroad is the Railroad Museum.

The Red River Modular club is an operating HO scale module club consisting of a large layout made up of members 2'x4' sections.  The group instituted Digital Command Control (DCC) in February 2019.  

We received a generous donation from an anonymous donor in the Midwest Region of N scale buildings and some rolling stock and various other items that we are incorporating into the T-Trak layout.  In just 3 short years we have gone from concept to operations.

What we will be doing is developing the T-Trak layout into a fully operational layout capable of running operating sessions - and we are close right now.  We also work on modeling techniques to further advance out skills and bring the skill level of everyone in the Division up to a higher level.

What we do:  Advanced Research in Modeling, Technical and Engineering areas of Railroad Operations, Construction, Electrical, Computer and ancillary functions.


Contact Information:

Trustee: Don Radeck

Phone - (701) 234-9351

Division Headquarters - (701) 298-8408

send us a message at

mkl at janushd.com